Credit Card Payments With PayBis


Update on WU and MG payment ;

Because of the corona pandemic, we have imposed a limit on payments made through Western Union and Money Gram for a while.

• For 500 $ and more amount, Western union and Money Gram are still acceptable. You neet to get confirmation from us before making the payment.

• For orders below 500$, this form of payment is not applicable at this time. This situation is valid for a temporary period.

We are going through a difficult time as a world, but I believe we will survive this situation with quite little impact possible.
Because of this situation we are in, we do not want to leave you unresolved.
I have a great suggestion for you about the payment issue.

You can easly buy bitcoin with credit card or debit card from the link below;

After buying bitcoin, select the bitcoin payment option in the payment section on our website.

You will get %10 bitcoin discount too.

Then, you can make the payment via bitcoin address which is given by the system. If you have any issue or question, you can contact me and get more detailed information.