Saizen Click Easy 24 IU (8 Mg)



  • Manufacturer: Merck
  • Substance: Somatropin
  • Strength: 1 injection pen 8 mg 24 iu
  • Availability: IN STOCK
Saizen Click Easy is a form of HGH. Human growth hormone is important in the body for the growth of bones and muscles.
Saizen® 8 mg click.easy iol 1x8 mg (24 IU) + 1x solv. of Human growth hormone (somatropin) in click.easy.

Saizen® is a high quality product made by the manufacturer MERCK in Italy. Its amino acid sequence and structure are identical to the dominant form of human pituitary growth hormone. Saizen® is preferred by professional athletes , and bodybuilders due to its muscle building and shredding fat results.

Saizen should be stored at room temperature (59°–86°F/15°–30°C) before its reconstructed. Expiration dates are stated on the labels. After the cartridge reconstituted for Injection, should be stored in refrigerator (36°–46°F/2°–8°C) for up to 21 days.